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U04 SEWER ELECTION – Antarktis CD 11€

Six tracks of icy, dry, blistering, barren and unforgiving noise. Recorded and mixed at Studio Malign, Kortedala, 2021. Electronics, metal objects and reel-to-reel tape manipulation. Digipak CD.

U03 C.C.C.C. – Gnosis CD 11€

Originally released as a cassette in 1994 by Drahtfunk Products, Gnosis shows Hasegawa, Hino, Kosakai and Nagakubo weaving a tapestry of strange exotic vistas and harsh chafing textures, exploring sonic depths and caverns not heard before or after. A standout and much sought after gem in the C.C.C.C. discography. Remastered by Hiroshi Hasegawa in April 2021, and finally available in a generous edition on digipak CD.

U02 CAPERS – Lungs CD 11€

With the LP Dregs in 2018, the Capers sound palette was expanded considerably. On Lungs, recorded not long after Dregs, the sound palette was instead kept at a minimum, and the composition simple, restrained and monotonous. Sparse, ever-sinking, rough, repetitive and patterned noise. For heads into early Zone Nord and Vårtgård. Previously released as a C30 in 2019 by Canadian label Freedom Club, with one of the tracks omitted to better fit the cassette format. Lungs is now available in its originally intended full length, on CD in digipak.

U01 INCAPACITANTS – Unauthorized Fatal Operation CD 11€

Recorded live at UFO Club in Kōenji, Tokyo, on January 30, 1999. Incapacitants in their finest capacity, blending harsh electronic psychedelia, mayhemic screech and visceral ecstasy. Previously released by OR in 1999 on CDR, now available for posterity on CD in digipak. Also included in this reissue is a 22 minute live document, recorded at Shinsaibashi Club Quattro on February 10, 2001.

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